Election Candidates 2020


Election Candidates 2020.The following individuals have filed with the Federal Election Commission to run for President of the United States in 2020 or have stated publicly that they are running, though that does not necessarily equate with viability as a candidate. They are listed alphabetically by surname.

Democratic Party

Main articles: Democratic Party (United States), Democratic Party presidential candidates, 2020 and Democratic Party presidential primaries, 2020

Jeff Boss, conspiracy theorist and perennial candidate from New Jersey

Vermin Supreme, performance artist and perennial candidate from Massachusetts

Robby Wells, former Savannah State University head football coach, from North Carolina; Reform Party and Constitution Party presidential candidate in 2012

Republican Party

Main articles: Republican Party (United States), Republican Party presidential candidates, 2020 and Republican Party presidential primaries, 2020

Jack Fellure, retired engineer from West Virginia, 2012 Prohibition Party presidential nominee

Mark Everson, businessman and former Internal Revenue Service Commissioner, former President of the American Red Cross from Mississippi


Main article: Independent politician

Terry Jones, pastor for Dove World Outreach Center, from Florida, presidential candidate in 2012

Transhumanist Party

Main article: Transhumanist Party

Zoltan Istvan, futurist, writer, transhumanist philosopher from California

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