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Year 1 No. 3 September - December 2008


Reader Friends:

Once again with you in this third Edition of Electoral World that promises to be as interesting as the previous two.

We have the honor to include an excellent feature article of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) José Miguel Insulza (cover picture) entitled "Elections and Democracy in the Americas".  Who would be better than him to offer us a perspective of the challenges that our America in the strengthening of the Democracy has lived, and the role that has played and will continue to play the OAS as the highest Continental Regional Organization.  Also, and always within the scope of the OAS we count with the segment The Invited Pen, with a fascinating contribution of the Permanent Ambassador of Panama before said Agency Aristides Royo, entitled "The OAS Electoral Missions as seen by a Panamanian Ambassador".  Both articles, along with being complemented in content, will allow our readers to have an extensive image of what is being developed and implemented in this Agency as the true of the regional democratic political scale. 

Also in the international scope we give the most cordial welcome to two faithful exponents of the role play by women regarding electoral themes. The new President of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Guatemala (TSE) María Eugenia Villagrán contributes with the article "The Decentralization of the Boards Receiving of Votes in Guatemala" and on the other hand, Magdalena Chú Villanueva, Chief of the National Office of Electoral Processes of Peru (ONPE) develops her article "The Electoral Roll and The Territorial Criterion". 

From Panama we include the contribution of another woman.  I am referring to the article "The Electoral reform and women participation in Panama: hurdles and challenges" written by the Secretary General of our Tribunal Ceila Peñalba.

The very important theme of the surveys is undertaken by a very well qualified exponent, Leopoldo Neira Meléndez (owner of the Panamanian pollster Dichter & Neira), of vast and wise experience, develops in a fascinating article "The genuine value of the studies of opinion".  There is a lot of additional information from the other contributors of this number; hence the invitation to read them is a good recommendation.

In other aspects, we report that recently, the Supreme Tribunal of Elections of Costa Rica (TSE) and the Electoral Tribunal of Panama (TEP) subscribed a Covenant of Cooperation and Reciprocal Assistance for the Exchange of Publications and Informative Material among both Agencies.  The above will allow the exchange of articles published in the magazines "Electoral Law" (TSE) and "Electoral World" (TEP).

We expect soon to subscribe a similar agreement with the National Office of Electoral Processes of Peru (ONPE) that allows the exchange of articles among the "Elections Magazine" of the ONPE and "Electoral World" of our Tribunal.

Reader Friends, is such the interest that Electoral World has provoked so much nationally as internationally, that there is not a week in which we do not receive articles for publication.  In this edition we have added some extra pages to include more articles.  Sadly we cannot include them all in one edition, and we are already configuring the edition of the month of January with them.  Another situation we are facing is the length of the content of the articles (maximum of nine hundred words per article) reason why in some cases we have had to extend this requirement when the content of the articles do not permit their division, and besides we believe that the ideal is to publish them in extensive subject to a case by case study.

On behalf of my colleagues Eduardo Valdés Escoffery, and Gerardo Solís, Magistrate Vice-President and Vocal respectively, and myself, we thank the contributors of this Edition of Electoral World, both national and foreign, for their participation and above all, for the quality of their articles.