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Year 3 No. 8 May 2010

Hegemonic Presidential System and Crisis in the Political Parties in Latin America

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The Invited Pen / Historical significance and importance of the Cadiz Constitution

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La Entrevista

Public funding to political parties in Panama

The Electoral Tribunal is responsible to regulate, manage, monitor and audit the management of public funding provided for in the Electoral Code to independent candidates and political parties.

Article 179 of the Electoral Code provides that the State will contribute towards the expenditure incurred by political parties and independent candidates in the general election.

The State's contribution towards the costs of political parties and independent candidates is made by the Electoral Tribunal, through pre-election and post-election financing. Read complete article

Electoral reforms, the key to human development in Panama

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From the International Editor - Between Columns / Bicentennial 2010: history of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela and their electoral bodies

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