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Year 4 No. 10 January 2011



The Electoral Tribunal of Panama has just completed with great satisfaction a major challenge that marks a milestone in the history of this country, and most likely also in Latin America: the organization of elections for delegates to the congresses that are part of traditional authorities in the Ngöbe Bugle reservation. A fact, as we said, unprecedented in this country, which Angel Castillerosummarizes in the space ceded to him in the National Editor's column as a continuation of the issue addressed in the previous edition of Electoral World.

Further, in this 10th edition, we include an article by the Panamanian Minister of Education, Lucy Molinar, who refers to the importance of civic and electoral education in the development of our students, future citizens.

The Electoral Tribunal certification under ISO 9001:2008 quality standards, this time from the perspective of the external team leader of the company ABS Quality Evaluations, Magdiel Martinez, is another aspect that we present in this edition, also the First Electoral Criminal Judge, Second Judicial District,  province of Veraguas Ana Raquel Santamaria provides an interpretation of the term electoral protection. Similarly, we have the contribution of Jorge Chang Villarreal who refers to participatory democracy in Latin America.

In the international arena, we have great articles such as the one provided by Juan Ignacio Garcia, Director of the Electoral Service of Chile (SERVEL), “Challenges of the electoral bodiesin light of the incorporation of technology”. I must highlight the summaries of the papers presented at the Second Iberoamerican Conference on Electoral Justice by Dr. Jose de Jesus Orozco, Autonomous University of Mexico, "Electoral Justice in Latin America".  Dr. PalomaBiglino Campos talks about "Electoral Justice and Constitutional Justice: Principles of Articulation." Also that of Dr. Amandykova S.K., Professor, Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Head of Constitutional and International Law Department of Karaganda State University named after E.A.Buketov (The Republic of Kazakhstan) “Suffrage and electoral systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, the article by Dr. Tania Manzano, President of the Electoral Tribunal of Ecuador“Second Anniversary of the Electoral Contentious Court”.  Peruvian journalist Guido Canchari Obregon honors us with "Presidential Elections in Latin America “Ballotageor relative majority?”,and the article by Manuel Carrillo Poblano, Federal Electoral Institute of Mexico, a regular contributor of our magazine who writes about the recently held "Forum of Latin American Democracy."

Also in this edition a postmortem tribute to the jurist and judge, Doctor Carlos Antonio UrrutyNavatta former Chairman of the Electoral Court of Uruguay, through the article entitled "The Story of a great man" by the International Editor, Dr. Andres Sosa in “Between columns” which reflects the personality of the colleague who died in September.

As you see, distinguished readers, Electoral World continues to present a selection of articles that represent the national and international electoral reality.   We sincerely hope to see you in our next edition of May.



Magistrate Erasmo Pinilla C.
Director of Electoral World
Electoral Tribunal of Panama